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A Message for Metro Atlanta InterGroup Representatives

COVID-19 Message

To: Metro Atlanta InterGroup Representatives

I wanted to reach out during these uncertain times to let you know that your Steering Committee is still at work and committed to keeping you informed.  Please feel free to call, text or email us with any questions or concerns your Group may have for the Steering Committee.

Most AA meetings in metro Atlanta have been canceled or converted to virtual meetings due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  I would urge those who are still meeting face to face to strongly consider a virtual meeting. We are continuing to update the Atlanta website ( with online meetings and announcements.

Your InterGroup Steering Committee met Tuesday and I would like to share the outcome of that meeting with you:

  1. The InterGroup meeting scheduled for April 5th has been canceled as a result of the ban on any gatherings of 10 or more people and the shelter in place order Gov. Kemp just announced. You will be notified of any future InterGroup cancellations the week before they are scheduled to occur.
  2. We are considering hosting an informal Zoom open forum for InterGroup reps. Watch for details on
  3. Now more than ever, volunteers are needed to talk with other alcoholics who are calling Central Office – particularly during daytime hours. If you would like to be of service please call 404-525-3178, or check the website for details on how to volunteer (same as hotline volunteers).
  4. Nominations for Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) normally occur in May with elections in June. Members at Large are normally nominated and elected in June. As a result of the pandemic, elections are being postponed until such time as we can physically meet and hold nominations and elections. I have asked all Steering Committee members to extend their tours of duty until a new slate of Steering Committee members may be elected and they all graciously agreed – THANK YOU Steering Committee members.
  5. The Anniversary Dinner scheduled for June 13th has been canceled. We are considering having a speaker meeting/potluck dinner later in the year. While it would not be the same as our Anniversary Dinner, we can expect good fellowship. More will be announced later.
  6. We are committed to continuing our InterGroup inventory discussions when we can meet again in person. ALL the recommendations will be put before you and ad hoc teams will be formed for implementation of appropriate items.
  7. The Steering Committee will continue to meet virtually monthly on the Tuesday prior to the Sunday that InterGroup would normally meet. We will be discussing the items that come before us. Please contact me or another Steering Committee member with items or concerns you may have for discussion.
  8. We would like to remind you that Groups and individuals can make online contributions directly to Central Office through the AA website or by clicking the Donate button at the top of the home page.
  9. We know you may have concerns, questions, etc. to be directed to the Steering Committee so we have set up an email address that will go to all on the committee. The address is [email protected]. Feel free to contact us, and you will receive a reply.

Stay safe, and continue to attend virtual meetings.  Remain in contact with other AAers via phone or other electronic means.  You may be the solution someone needs when they reach out because they are lonely, bored or just want to take a drink to relieve their anxiety over this situation.  

Thank you for allowing me to serve you during the unsettling times we are experiencing today.

Jerry Hollifield
Metro Atlanta InterGroup Chair
770 335-9648