Anniversary Speaker Tapes

In June 1941 an army officer came to Atlanta from Washington D.C. He had recently attained sobriety. Being an alcoholic, he realized that he was going to have to find other alcoholics to help if he was going to preserve his own new-found sobriety. He inserted the following ad in the local newspaper “If anyone has a drinking problem and wants to do something about it, write P.O. Box 1215”. A minister and a real estate man who did have this problem and wanted to do something about it, answered that ad and got in touch with the army officers. On June 10, 1941, the three of them got together and held the first A.A. meeting in the basement of the army officer’s home, sitting on still unopened packing boxes containing his household goods. Every year the Atlanta A.A. Central Office hosts a banquet and open speaker’s meeting in commemoration of this first meeting. These are some of the speakers from this annual event.

71st Anniversary Speaker – Dianne M., Clarkston 12th Step Group

73rd Anniversary Speaker – Ellen R., Clarkston 12th Step Group

76th Anniversary Speaker – Gene R., – Florida

77th Anniversary Speaker – Jennifer D., Midtown Group – Wilmington, NC

78th Anniversary Speaker – Garland L., Tucker Group

81rd Anniversary Speaker – Terry W., Alpharetta Group

82nd Anniversary Speaker – Hashis M., 5:30 @ Main Street

83rd Anniversary Speaker – John S., 5th Tradition Group

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