Individual Contributions

While contributions cover each group’s rent and other expenses, the Seventh Tradition is essential to all areas of A.A. service. It is both a privilege and a responsibility for groups and members to ensure that not only their group, but also their intergroup/central office, local services, district, area, and the General Service Office remain self-supporting. The General Service Conference suggests that individual groups, through an informed group conscience, adopt a specific contribution plan tailored to meet the group’s financial situation. Once the group’s expenses have been taken care of the group may decide to further carry the message by sending money to the following A.A. service entities.

Supporting A.A.’s services

Birthday Plan, Memorial and Honorary Contributions

The Birthday Plan is for groups or members who wish to contribute to the General Service Office on their A.A. birthday. $1 per year is suggested, but members may contribute as much as they wish up to $5,000.

Faithful Fivers

“…If an AA happens to live in a large metropolitan center where an intergroup office is absolutely essential to handle heavy inquiries and hospital arrangements he contributes (or probably should contribute) about $5.00 annually. To pay rent of his own group meeting place and maybe coffee and doughnuts, he might drop $25.00 per year in the hat. Or if he belongs to a club, it could be $50.00. In case he takes the AA Grapevine, he squanders an extra $2.50!
So the AA member who really meets his groups responsibilities finds himself liable for about $5.00 a month on average. Yet his own personal income may be anywhere between $200 and $2,000 a month – the direct result of not drinking. “

Language of the Heart – pg. 85

Make Your Individual Contribution to Central Office

By making this contribution, you are certify that you are a member of A.A.

Please ensure to include your name and specify what the contribution is for in the notes/comments.

How to Submit Individual Contributions

Atlanta Central Office
P.O. Box 1215
Atlanta, GA 30301

A.A. General Service Office
Post Office Box 2407
James A Farley Station
New York, NY 10116-2407

Georgia State Service Office
P.O. Box 68
Macon, GA 31202


*minimum contribution $10*
Please note the group name or invoice #




By making this contribution, you certify that you are an A.A. Member.

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