Intergroup Representatives


Intergroup Reps Suggested Requirements

  • Have eight months of sobriety
  • Be duly elected by his/her home group
  • Accept the opportunity to be helpful with the continued growth and stability of his/her home group and A.A. as a whole
  • Accept the opportunity to be of service by attending the monthly Intergroup meetings for a one year term of office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?
You can get involved by finding out if your group has an Intergroup representative and assisting them. You could also see about becoming the alternate for your group if there is not one in place.

What is Intergroup?
Intergroup is an assembly of elected Intergroup representatives from local A.A. groups who provide support and guidance to the Central Office. Intergroup in the Metro Atlanta area meets the first Sunday of the month on Zoom unless otherwise indicated on the website.

What role does Central Office play?
Central Office is North Georgia’s information hub. It is a place where literature can be purchased. It is also the central point for meeting information in and around the Atlanta area. Volunteers are often coordinated through the central office. Central Office is a huge support structure to all of the local groups in and around the Atlanta area.

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